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Disclaimer: This information is intended as a generic guide to visas, and is not specific to any individual nor country of origin. You should make your own enquiries to verify your personal requirements, as this may vary from one country to another, and may be dependent on an individual’s personal circumstances. If in doubt seek legal advice (see below), or visit the website of the Brazilian Consulate in your home country.


Tourist Visa: May be issued for periods of 90 days, (in most cases renewable for an additional 90 days), in any 12 month period. For most people reading this, there is no need to physically apply for a tourist visa as one will be granted on arrival.

Usual rules apply – you may not work, must have a return ticket, and have sufficient funds for your stay. For most visitors and holiday makers, this category suffices, as it effectively allows for up to 6 months of visits in any 12 month period.

**IMPORTANT UPDATE**  From 1st October 2023 citizens of the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan must apply for a tourist visa BEFORE travelling to Brazil. This is beacuse the visa waiver program offered to these countries by Brazil, was not offered in return to Brazilians.


Retirement Visa: Retirees wishing to spend longer than 180 days in Brazil, may apply for a retirement visa. Strict rules apply as to proving sufficient income from official retirement funds, and there are minimum age restrictions, but this may lead to a permanent retirement visa, so long as you do not leave Brazil for any period longer than 2 years.


Investor Visa: Those wishing to work in Brazil may apply for an investment visa by investing a minimum of R$500,000 into a new or existing Brazilian company. This is a common route for those who do not have sufficient retirement income, or are too young to retire. The applicant cannot invest in his own residential property, unless it is connected to the business (eg hotel or restaurant), and must pay taxes and employ Brazilians within 3 years.


NEW*** Golden Visa: Elsewhere in Brazil, if an applicant invests at least R$1,000,000 into residential property, he can receive a permanent visa. By special dispensation, in the North East of Brazil this is reduced to R$700,000, and may consist of one home or several. This investment will grant permanent residence without the tax or employee requirements of an investor visa. More info


Family Reunion Visa: Granted to the spouse or partner of someone who has a permanent visa through another application, or to the spouse or partner of a Brazilian citizen. The holder would be totally dependent on the continuation of the permanent visa of the spouse or partner.


If you would like impartial legal advice on any visa issues, please contact us and we will pass you on to an English speaking attorney.

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